14 August, 2011


The prodigal user is back. I`ve really had enough with LJ.

Now... this blog is for my BJD related stuffs: mainly photos, a bit of sewing and accessory making I do and some storytelling, because my dolls are charas in a little world that exists in my head. Ok, it`s not little, it`s huge :P

The dolls and heads I currently own:

- Nadir - Elfdoll Mir head modded
 [no pic, he`s not done yet]

- Ferrand/Fern - Soom Sabik

- Dmitri/Dima - Volsk SchA boy hybrid (Leeke real body)

- Jamie - MsDoll Drayton head

- Tybalt - Feeple Nanuri08 hybird (Lati Red body)

[at the moment he`s away to get a proper faceup]

And I`m waiting for:
- Veloria - Migidoll Yuri girl hybrid (Super gem girl body)
- Tsubame - Dollshe Orijean

You can find my pictures on
Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/dedrastarling/
deviantArt http://dedrastarling.deviantart.com/

Annnd that`s it for today, thank you. I`m back soon with shameless pic spam :]

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